Pond Scum Tragedy

In homeschooling, my “Writing In Science” assignment was to pretend to be a reporter. I have also pretend something has happened to the local pond. There is strange green scum on the surface of the pond and fish have floated to the top.


News: Pond Scum Tragedy                                        By: Reporter Sonya Surface
  About two days ago, the Willimantic pond was developing  sticky green scum. A day ago fish fish have been seen floating at the surface of the pond. Now, the beloved pond has turned into a green, smelly mess.
   I have interviewed scientists J.M Ploom and Martin Tab and asked them about the Willimantic pond. I have found out that the pond  has been going through eutrophication, which is the process in which nutrients piles up in a lake orpond for a while which causes algae to grow. Thus, algae blocks the sun’s rays and kills plants and other algae. The dead organisms sink to the bottom of the pond/lake, then decomposers, like bacteria, break down the dead organisms and multiply. Because of the bacteria growth, it uses all of the oxygen that fish need to survive. So the fish dies of the decrease of oxygen and algae dominates the water. As you read, this has happened to our pond.
                                                                                                                                                      –The Sonya News

Writing in Science

In science, I was assigned to describe an animal without mentioning the animal itself.

This animal has a long body with four legs and hooves at the ends. It has a neck covered with a main. Its face is long with two eyes on either side and pointy ears on the top of its head. On the very end of the animal’s face is a wide nose with a mouth underneath. The animal has flat teeth too. At its rear end is a tail.

Can you guess what this animal is?


         Islam is a religion and a way of life for Muslims. Islam provides one God, Allah. Allah stands for “The God” and Muslims dedicate their lives to Him. To achieve the afterlife, Muslims have to do the will of Allah. They praise Him, they worship Him, and do anything to show their love toward Him.

          Islam was made when the Arabs were traveling. The Arabs eventually settled in South Asia and were living the good life. However, when political disorder in Egypt and Mesopotamia made the trade routes in Southwest Asia really dangerous to travel, an Arabian man named Muhammad went to the hills to meditate on the problem. Later, that man established the religion Islam. After a while, Islam was spreading to others. People who took on the teachings of Muhammad dedicated their lives to Islam. They invented the Five Pillars of Islam which are Belief (Faith), Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage. Muslims created these for worship to Allah. So, eventually the teachings of Islam was known to people and did become a religion.


           Muhammad was (and is) a very important prophet for Muslims around the world. The story of Muhammad is that he went to the hills to meditate on the political disorder in Egypt and Mesopotamia when suddenly the Angel Gabriel came down to Muhammad and delivered the messages of God. The angel Gabriel told him to recite what he said to others. Muhammad thought that God had given him the final revelations of Him. The messages are written in the holy book of the religion of Islam called the Quran. Muhammad then raced home to his wealthy wife Khadij. He then told her of what had happened at the hills and the messages Gabriel sent. Kahadij pleaded Muhammad to follow the messages

thus, making her the first to convert to Islam. He then set out to speak the good news. For a while had only had 30 followers but he needed more. Muhammad arranged a journey to the holy city Madinah. Muhammad’s trip is called Hijah. He did gain support there and from Arabs in the desert known as bedouin. He is now noted as a religious and political leader. Muslims say that Muhammad is the last prophet but the most important.

          Muslims in the present day still make pilgrimages and worship Allah. Every year most Muslims take a journey to Mecca to celebrate when Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his own son to Allah. Every week Muslims go to a mosque, which is like a church or a temple for Muslims, to pray and worship Allah. Muslims make it their duty to eat healthy. They only go to markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. They don’t eat meat that comes from a slaughterer pig though. Muslims are very strict about Islam. They may even kill someone that doesn’t agree with their ways.

            Its hard to imagine the religion Islam being unnoticed when now its quite known. Islam was created by Muhammad and he spread it throughout Asia. Muhammad is a very important prophet for Muslims and is the last. Muslims still worship and praise Allah. Islam is an extraordinary religion and way of life. 









What are some contributions that the Romans gave to us?

      Some contributions that the Romans gave to us are the bridges, roads, Roman Numerals, Julian calender, public bathhouses, and beautiful architecture, such as cement arches.

The Romans gave the bridges and roads so they could travel faster and easier. They also passed on the Roman Numerals to be used as numbers. Believe it or not, we use the 365 Julian calender today, which was created in the rule of Julius Caesar. Public bathrooms came from the Roman invention of the bathhouses .

Without the Romans, we wouldn’t have the Colosseum or any of the famous artwork that they did. They also invented cement and the cement arches as an advance to their art and architecture.





How did the geography of Italy effect its people?

   The geography of Italy effected its people by providing farmlands, water, and a place to form civilization. The hills provide great farmland, it is a great place for sheep, cattle, and even goats to graze. The flat lands provide space for crops to be grown. Believe it or not, the hills are a perfect defense against any intruder.

    The rivers, like the Po River and Tiber River gave the people fertile land and drinking water.The rivers grant water for crops and animals too. If the houses were on fire, there would be water to stop it. If the person were at war, they could come up with a battle strategy with water!

   Open ranges are good for building cities and towns. Also, mountains give good protection like hills. If land wasn’t far back, pirates would invade but in this case, they were safe.

Saint Patrick’s day history

First of all, Saint Patrick was born in Britain. When he was 16, Patrick was kidnapped by Irish raiders and was thrown into jail and stayed there for 6 years. After he was released, Patrick converted to Christianity and decided to be a Christian missionary. So, Patrick spread the good news all around Ireland. They say that he chased away the ‘snakes’ (pagans) because he wanted to preserve Christianity. Patrick used his holy staff to chase away the pagans. Saint Patrick used a shamrock a an example as the holy trinity.


   The first Saint Patrick’s day parade was in America in 1762 when Irish soldiers marched to a tavern in Manhattan. Today it is the largest and longest parade in America. 



Promoting law

I researched a bill because it relates to Dionysus, a god that promoted law.

Raised Bill No. 5543

An act concerning Water quality

To define a change in use as it relates to the use of land that may affect a public drinking water supply and to allow the Department of Public Health to issue licenses to certain water professionals.

In other words, it says that there should be no factories or anything that may ruin the water supply.

Interview: Mrs.L-“I think there is a way to balance the two. The people in the factories should have restrictions to the pollution.”

Interview: Miss.K-“I agree that there should be nothing polluting the water because, If we didn’t stop the water pollution, we would have no drinking water which we need to survive.”

My opinion is that we should go along with the Bill.

Leave an opinion in the comment section

My Eros story

In homeschooling I’m learning about Eros (Cupid) . I got an assignment to write a story on two people Eros would shoot with his love arrow. So I’m going to write my story.



It was Valentines day and boy, was Eros busy. Eros decided to go to the celebrities because he sure did love Taylor Swift’s music. So he made his way to Hollywood and went to the celebrities. Oh my gosh! Eros thought. All the celebrities were gathered at an awesome valentines party. Almost everything was colored pink and red and everyone was having a great time. “Where to begin?” said Eros hiding in a tree. Then he decided. “Where are they! wondered Eros, got em’!” He got his golden bow and arrows ready. Zoom! Eros’ arrows are as fast as lighting.

“Hold on everybody, I got this weird sensation on my-“

“Me too!”

“Wait aren’t you Harry styles?”

“Yeah, and are you Lady GA GA?”

“Yup, hey you’re kinda cute, wanna’ hang?”

“Uh, yeah, totally!”

Off went Harry and GA GA to the snack table.”Yes! shouted Eros, now their music will be great, and, they have finally found their soul mate!” Also, Lady Ga Ga won’t wear those ridiculous outfits , and their music will now be boy-band and electric!  thought Eros. “Now to see how they’re doing.” said Eros, then flew off. When he found them one was dancing and the other, was singing karaoke. ” I’d like to sing this for my girl” said Harry then started to sing a love song for Stephine. “So sweet, wait is Justin Timberlake  jealous, oh my!” shouted Eros. Zoom! “I hooked him up with Beyonce, now he won’t be  jealous.” Eros said to himself. Shoot, I have more people to get with my arrows, Dang, now I gotta go! And off went Eros, spreading love all over the world.









Things you probably didn’t know

Greek word origins

Atlas – titan of astronomy and navigation

Calliope – Muse of epic poems

cereal – Ceres, the goddess of crops

echo – mountain nymph

geology – Rhea, the goddess of the Earth

helium – Helios, titian of the sun

hypnosis – god of sleep

narcissism – hunter, was a man who fell in love with his own reflection

panic – Pan, the god of flocks and shepherds

titanic – titan 






Mythical creatures

PEGASUS: a winged horse

CENTAUR: half man, half horse- very aggresive

CYCLOPS: a giant that has one eye- eats people

CHIMAERA: half lion, goat, and snake- destroys everything in its path

CERBERUS: three headed giant dog that guards the underworld

HARPY: half woman, half bird- snatches people from the sky

GORGON: relatives of Medusa that have snakes for hair- very, very ugly

MEDUSA: used to be beautiful but got turned extremely ugly- turns people to stone

HYDRA: giant snake, and if you cut off one head it grows back nine more

MINOTAUR: head of bull and body of man- guarded the labyrinth