In homeschooling I’m learning about Eros (Cupid) . I got an assignment to write a story on two people Eros would shoot with his love arrow. So I’m going to write my story.



It was Valentines day and boy, was Eros busy. Eros decided to go to the celebrities because he sure did love Taylor Swift’s music. So he made his way to Hollywood and went to the celebrities. Oh my gosh! Eros thought. All the celebrities were gathered at an awesome valentines party. Almost everything was colored pink and red and everyone was having a great time. “Where to begin?” said Eros hiding in a tree. Then he decided. “Where are they! wondered Eros, got em’!” He got his golden bow and arrows ready. Zoom! Eros’ arrows are as fast as lighting.

“Hold on everybody, I got this weird sensation on my-“

“Me too!”

“Wait aren’t you Harry styles?”

“Yeah, and are you Lady GA GA?”

“Yup, hey you’re kinda cute, wanna’ hang?”

“Uh, yeah, totally!”

Off went Harry and GA GA to the snack table.”Yes! shouted Eros, now their music will be great, and, they have finally found their soul mate!” Also, Lady Ga Ga won’t wear those ridiculous outfits , and their music will now be boy-band and electric!  thought Eros. “Now to see how they’re doing.” said Eros, then flew off. When he found them one was dancing and the other, was singing karaoke. ” I’d like to sing this for my girl” said Harry then started to sing a love song for Stephine. “So sweet, wait is Justin Timberlake  jealous, oh my!” shouted Eros. Zoom! “I hooked him up with Beyonce, now he won’t be  jealous.” Eros said to himself. Shoot, I have more people to get with my arrows, Dang, now I gotta go! And off went Eros, spreading love all over the world.