Islam is a religion and a way of life for Muslims. Islam provides one God, Allah. Allah stands for “The God” and Muslims dedicate their lives to Him. To achieve the afterlife, Muslims have to do the will of Allah. They praise Him, they worship Him, and do anything to show their love toward Him.

          Islam was made when the Arabs were traveling. The Arabs eventually settled in South Asia and were living the good life. However, when political disorder in Egypt and Mesopotamia made the trade routes in Southwest Asia really dangerous to travel, an Arabian man named Muhammad went to the hills to meditate on the problem. Later, that man established the religion Islam. After a while, Islam was spreading to others. People who took on the teachings of Muhammad dedicated their lives to Islam. They invented the Five Pillars of Islam which are Belief (Faith), Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage. Muslims created these for worship to Allah. So, eventually the teachings of Islam was known to people and did become a religion.


           Muhammad was (and is) a very important prophet for Muslims around the world. The story of Muhammad is that he went to the hills to meditate on the political disorder in Egypt and Mesopotamia when suddenly the Angel Gabriel came down to Muhammad and delivered the messages of God. The angel Gabriel told him to recite what he said to others. Muhammad thought that God had given him the final revelations of Him. The messages are written in the holy book of the religion of Islam called the Quran. Muhammad then raced home to his wealthy wife Khadij. He then told her of what had happened at the hills and the messages Gabriel sent. Kahadij pleaded Muhammad to follow the messages

thus, making her the first to convert to Islam. He then set out to speak the good news. For a while had only had 30 followers but he needed more. Muhammad arranged a journey to the holy city Madinah. Muhammad’s trip is called Hijah. He did gain support there and from Arabs in the desert known as bedouin. He is now noted as a religious and political leader. Muslims say that Muhammad is the last prophet but the most important.

          Muslims in the present day still make pilgrimages and worship Allah. Every year most Muslims take a journey to Mecca to celebrate when Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his own son to Allah. Every week Muslims go to a mosque, which is like a church or a temple for Muslims, to pray and worship Allah. Muslims make it their duty to eat healthy. They only go to markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. They don’t eat meat that comes from a slaughterer pig though. Muslims are very strict about Islam. They may even kill someone that doesn’t agree with their ways.

            Its hard to imagine the religion Islam being unnoticed when now its quite known. Islam was created by Muhammad and he spread it throughout Asia. Muhammad is a very important prophet for Muslims and is the last. Muslims still worship and praise Allah. Islam is an extraordinary religion and way of life.