In homeschooling, my “Writing In Science” assignment was to pretend to be a reporter. I have also pretend something has happened to the local pond. There is strange green scum on the surface of the pond and fish have floated to the top.


News: Pond Scum Tragedy                                        By: Reporter Sonya Surface
  About two days ago, the Willimantic pond was developing  sticky green scum. A day ago fish fish have been seen floating at the surface of the pond. Now, the beloved pond has turned into a green, smelly mess.
   I have interviewed scientists J.M Ploom and Martin Tab and asked them about the Willimantic pond. I have found out that the pond  has been going through eutrophication, which is the process in which nutrients piles up in a lake orpond for a while which causes algae to grow. Thus, algae blocks the sun’s rays and kills plants and other algae. The dead organisms sink to the bottom of the pond/lake, then decomposers, like bacteria, break down the dead organisms and multiply. Because of the bacteria growth, it uses all of the oxygen that fish need to survive. So the fish dies of the decrease of oxygen and algae dominates the water. As you read, this has happened to our pond.
                                                                                                                                                      –The Sonya News